Return to Portheirry

With a little sadness it was time to leave Paris.  Herbie said his farewells to Monty by chasing up and down the pathway frantically … I am sure they will miss each other for a while.  Once out on the Seine and with a breeze blowing it was like I could breathe again and I realised that despite Paris having the excitement and the sights, it also had noise – lots of it.  Sirens sounding at all hours, the Metro just above us, people sitting on the wall chatting … noise.  It was wonderful just to have the sound of the engine chugging along and nothing else.

I couldn’t live full time in a city.

I forgot to mention that we bumped into the lovely Oliver in Paris plus Peter and Lucy who we met in Belgium last year. It’s lovely to bump into familiar faces and catch up.

We moored up for the night where we did before (still no idea where that is) with two commercial barges for company and the dogs took their first sniff of real grass for a few weeks.  Then yesterday (Thursday) we tied up in Porthierry with a warm welcome from David whose head popped up as soon as we entered the marina.

After a long much – needed walk in the woods David treated us to a delicious dinner at a restaurant he knew.  The lamb was incredible.  Today was spent (after a very decent lie in) visiting the bank and SFR to update our online banking and wifi connection stuff.  All pretty tedious until I found a patisserie that sold extra large doughnuts!

Tomorrow will be spent doing boat work … that is, getting everything ship shape for us to leave for the UK.

Until mid August!

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