Time out

So we left Avalon on Sunday chock full of stuff including our tender which we’ve decided will never be used.  On the way to Calais we stopped off to see Graham and Jill (Matilda Rose) in Jussy which was a barren little town. We had lots of laughs and Herbie wandered into some mud so got a quick al fresco shower …


Ho hum.

Jill cooked us a lovely dinner albeit a little dry … eh Jill?! It was fab catching up with them again.

We stopped off at Amiens so I could do some retail therapy … you know how it is.  I spied an inland beach in the town centre with umbrellas over it …


Just in time for the incoming downpour!

One pair of shoes, one sweater, a jacket and a scarf later and we headed off to Calais. Stopping overnight at Le Touquet for a night.  

The lorries are still being stacked as you can see …


And some new fencing has been installed to prevent refugees reaching the port …


There were no refugees in sight so the barriers must be working.

Now I am sitting at Dover with a tummy full of Kentucky Fried Chicken and rose wine and the boys are exhausted by the travelling. ..


Tomorrow is home time!

2 thoughts on “Time out

  1. andywindy

    Thanks for the update during your return home, I must admit that the fencing at the port looks harder to get through than we’ve been hearing on the Radio over here.
    Yup the poor boys do look exhausted, maybe it would have been kinder to let them ride inside the camper instead of having to run alongside you? Seriously though I know how they feel, somehow it is just as tiring being a passenger as being the driver, must be a theory there somewhere.
    We’ll be looking forward to your return…

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