Helping others and a bully (amongst other things)

Going backwards on this blog as my phone has placed the photos back to front.  Today we set off in tandem with Moondance.  We were locking together all the way until we noticed they were staying in one lock.  Turns out something had happened to their engine so we turned around and towed them to the next lock while they sorted the problem out.  Avalon coped admirably and pretty soon normality resumed.

There was a lot of floating greenery today!

While we were in Velars sur Ouche we spied a statue high up a mountain.  In the motor home we tried to find it but gave up.  Later Kev and Herbie took a different route and found it.  They came back several hours later, both exhausted but with photographic proof of their excursion.

It was interesting when we arrived in Dijon.  We spied Mary from Aquarius and moored in front of her.  Seconds later a hotel boat called out could we move.  They had watched us tie off so why couldn’t they have asked beforehand?  As Mary had already been moved on twice by hotel boats we said no to which the captain called Kevin an extremely obscene word and moored up in front of us.  I hate this sort of thing and went to talk to the captain, telling get him that his language wasn’t appreciated and wasn’t very professional.  To be fair he did apologise but it left a nasty feeling and was so unnecessary.  The captain of the sister hotel boat got chatting to us later that day (picture below with Alan, his cute dog) and we told him the tale.  Turned out he was the boss of the swearing captain and would be having words so all was well.

Dijon is a lovely city. Our mooring was alongside a park area which Herbie and Teddy loved.  The centre was a fair walk away but it was worth it with the lovely shops and sights.  We found the Tourist Information centre and it had a row of Segways outside.  Kev quickly booked himself in for a tour the next day!

We found a rarity … an Indian restaurant and so we ate there one evening.  Mine was a bit salty but otherwise fine.
I discovered a LaFayette in the centre and managed to buy two jackets on sale which was excellent.  Half price and one made of suede so soft I had to check the label to see what it was made of.

So now we are moored up in St Jean de Losne in the H2O marina.  I hate walking on floating pontoons but will see how it goes.  We have electricity so the air conditioning can go on and we can fill up with water.

One thought on “Helping others and a bully (amongst other things)

  1. Peter (bargemast)

    Hi Deb and Kevin,

    glad Moondance engine problems weren’t very serious, and also that you could tow them further.

    With all the spare-power of Avalon’s engine, you could tow a fleet of Moondancers without any problem.

    What a silly- and very bad behavior of that hotelbarge captain, maybe he didn’t know that you can get a much better result by being friendly and polite, and possibly by explaining calmly why he wanted (or had to) moor where you were tied up.

    With being nasty and showing his lack of good manners he spoilt it for himself, really stupid.

    Too bad I can’t see the picture of Alan and his cute dog, and one other picture I can’t see either.

    Have fun, and enjoy the next stage of your cruise.


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