A dark tunnel and scary moment

We have spent a few days socialising with Mary and her friend Joy on Aquarius in Pouilly-en-Auxois staying an extra day to catch up with Charles and Marion from Moondance.  We had a good look around the town where we had lunch yesterday.  Kev had a delicious looking pizza while I had a fishy salad. Salmon, prawns and a suspicious smoked fish which I couldn’t identify but the texture was … odd.

After lunch today we set off to enter the tunnel following the strict orders we were given.  Life jackets to be worn, a fire extinguisher and bucket all required and present.  Once in the tunnel we had a bump and lost a candle over the side … oops!

The scenery improved immensely and it proved to be a very pleasant journey until …

In the second from last lock of the day I had my head down busily knitting when I head the ropes straining.  I looked up to see us leaning very oddly and cried out “Kev, we are NOT okay!”  Kev rushed to get a knife and the lockie ran to refill the lock, then the rope broke and we splashed down into the water, rocking and rolling violently.  We have been travelling up lock since May and this is our first day going back down so the error was understandable but boy did it wake us up!  Thankfully no damage was done except to Ken’s pride.

You just know you’re heading in the eight direction when you see a sign like this …

We have now stopped just outside Chateauneuf in a stunning spot with no TV or WiFi but I don’t care  … the sun is shining and we are all safe.

2 thoughts on “A dark tunnel and scary moment

  1. Are you using my disobedient fungers to tripe with Debbie, or are you changing your name to Barbie?
    Oh gosh that was close with the Rope, but I think Kev should regain his pride with the knowledge that he HAS built almost ALL of your beautiful Avalon single handed, and She is a strong, reliable boat and can take brushes with Bridges and Locks with ease!
    And i agree about the Wine and Water sign, though I was wondering how big a Wine holding tank you have on board? Oh, better drink it all now then!

  2. Peter (bargemast)

    Hi Debbie and Kevin,

    No more tunnels for the time being, and this has been a lesson that only cost you a slightly shorter rope now, and it’s most unlikely that this will happen again, you’ll be extra careful from now on when going down in a lock.

    The way I do my ropes, they can be undone even if the boat would hang in them, because of my extra low-budget, I can’t afford to having to shorten my ropes.

    Not a word about the boys this time, so I suppose they’re fine, and are enjoying this trip as much as you’re doing.

    The P-sign “Wine & Water” is of course only to show people that that is the reserved mooring for a barge named “Wine & Water”.

    Take you’re time on the nicest stretch of the canal, between this side of the tunnel and Dijon, as the last part between Dijon and St.Jean de Losne is of no interest whatsoever, it’s good that it doesn’t take long to get to St.JdL.

    Have fun,


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