A bit of a treat

Last night we treated ourselves to a delicious dinner at a restaurant recommended by Peter from Gillian B.  It was only around 500 metres away so I braved it in high heels for once. 

What a great evening we had at Bofingers! It was nearly as good as Maxim’s for about one quarter of the price.  Kevin started off with the highly recommended onion soup while I chose a delicious crab and avocado salad.  For main Kevin chose the lamb while I had my favourite …


Lobster which was flambéd in whiskey.  It was delicious.

For dessert Kevin chose a trio of samples while I asked the waiter for a translation and was presented with a huge choux bun filled with nutty cream.  While delicious, it took alot of hard work to get through!



The interior was a close second to Maxim’s.

2 thoughts on “A bit of a treat

  1. andywindy

    That’s some interior for a restaurant, I really like the Tiffany style dome, that must have taken thousands of hours to make.
    Sorry to hear of all the hard work in choux bun consumption, I’d be more than willing to help if required were I in the area and you were struggling again, though being a resourceful lady I suspect that somehow you will manage fine on your own!

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