After a month apart I have finally rejoined Kevin, Teddy and Herbie aboard Avalon.  I spent the month back home mostly with my mother but spent a giddy weekend with my brother and his girlfriend before jumping on the Eurostar and meeting Kevin in Paris.

I have to say, the boys kept Avalon in tip top condition and I had a wonderful greeting upon my return.

I rejoined Avalon in Montbard and we moved off to spend a few days in Venarey les Laumes where we met up with Mary from Aquarius.

We spent a very jolly evening together while I helped her out with some washing and drying and she returned the favour with a delicious Tex Mex dinner the following night … finished off with a wonderful dessert I bought at the local supermarket.  It was meant to serve eight but somehow we managed to get through it!

This morning we left Mary and have moored up in Pouillenay.  We are heading up a flight of around 40 locks in 17 km.  So far we had done 10. It’s not too bad as they are moving quickly, however there was a slight altercation with a Swiss barge who thought we were jumping the queue.  We had booked and told them so and I suggested for them to squeeze in with us but they felt it was too tight (they could’ve fitted) so they’ve now moored up close by.

Last night there was more socialising with Rod and Cheryl on Trouvaille from Australia.  They have just bought their boat and are new to France so much information exchanged hands!

Teddy has been to the vets a few more times.  He had a very upset tummy which was sorted out and then his breathing became laboured.  A quick ecg showed his heart is failing and he was quickly put on medication.  While I was away the meds were increased and we took him for a sonigram the other day.  He is now on further meds which he doesn’t mind as they are always wrapped up in sausage and he is a lot brighter and breathing get better.

They did shave him though.

To help him I bought a gel filled cool mat which should help keep him comfy… that and the air conditioning unit recently installed should stop him getting overheated.  Spoilt? Never!!

He was also given a new haircut which makes him look ancient but must feel cooler.

Not forgetting Herbie of course!