A lovely castle and good times

We opted to moor outside of the town moorings despite the lure of Mary and Joy.  Instead we carried on for a while and moored up at the foot of the hill with the Chateauneuf up above us.  A perfect setting albeit with no Internet or TV.

The following morning we took the journey up the hill towards the castle.  A hot day, the thought of a cool beer at the top kept us going.

After our beer and some ice cream we wandered about the village and decided to have an early lunch before entering the castle.  There were a lovely Australian family sitting close by who were happy to chat while we ate.   I bravely decided to try my first snail.  Hmm I don’t know if I’ll try it again.

I opted for a more British main course of ham, eggs and chips … delicious!

Afterwards we went to see the castle which I found stunning. 

I loved the original wall painting peeking through the broken plaster.

An ancient toilet!

The beds were tiny.

And the tapestrys were wonderful.

An interesting bath.

Here is a perfect example of (in my opinion) over-restoration.

The walk back down felt a lot easier!

Next day we made off in the motor home and headed to Briare to join Graham and Jill for the Dutch Barge Association meet.

We arrived just in time to join in the barbecue and Teddy made a few new friends.

Then a few of us trundled back to Françoise for a few drinks to round the evening off.  A fun evening with more than just a few boaters squeezed onto the stern.

Today has been full of fun.  There have been Newfoundland dogs displaying their expertise in rescuing.

Next we had a canoe race with Graham and Jill opting to stay with the beer canoe!

After the race me and Jill got up to some high jinks with Gulliver who has had a bottle of rose hanging of their bunting.  We decided to swap it for a bottle of mouth wash he he!

It took some effort but the audience we amassed seemed to enjoy it. How naughty are we?!!

This morning we bumped into Peter (Bargemaster) and had a good chat before making our way back to Avalon having met some wonderful people and sharing some great times.

    2 thoughts on “A lovely castle and good times

    1. Blimey, you’ve been busy! I like the look of that Castle, though as you say, the beds are tiny! I hope you are commenting on the age of the bathroom facilities and not necessarily the occupant!
      As for the over-restoration, it looks like one of the new build houses in Poundbury, Prince Charles’ ‘quaint’ village near Dorchester, YUK.
      Thanks for the pictures of your excursion, can’t think why Jill and Graham kept close to the Booze Boat?

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