Pont Royal finally

So many locks over the past few days … so many.  We have travelled 17km with   43 locks taking 9 hours over 3 days.  Thankfully all were boosted by sunshine which made the journey bearable.  

The last few miles were lock free and I could almost feel Avalon’s relief at being able to flex her muscles again.  

Kev gave the engine a good run so apologies to the flora!

The hot weather was causing Teddy some issues. He wanted to be with us on the stern but it was just too hot. Kev came up with a solution … wet towels! Worked a treat.

We stayed overnight in a very sleepy village.  I really don’t care what it’s name was.  One tiny shop/café with very little to sell and a monument.

There is always a monument!  

We are now spending a few days here in Pont Royal as it’s a lovely mooring and we have shopping and vet visits to do.  Herbie has been giving the local chickens a bit of exercise and both dogs are enjoying a bit of freedom and cool grass.

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