Home again

Since my last post there have been Internet problems but we finally found a safe mooring in Saint-Fargeau Ponthierry in a little marina where we befriended our neighbour, David, who amazingly liked my cooking!!  He also very kindly helped Kev sort out travel arrangements to collect the motor home from Meaux and even drove him to the bus station.

Anyway, we stayed a few days busily packing and readying Avalon for our departure.

On the way home we detoured to Antwerp where we had some business to do.  Antwerp is a fascinating city and we took time out to explore.  We parked up in a campsite on the outskirts where there were plenty of rabbits for Herbie to chase. They had no fear and stayed in sight until he was hot on their heels so you can imagine how exciting it was for him!  Poor Teddy couldn’t see them so missed out šŸ˜¦

While there we used the local petrol station as our local shop and while Kev was inside I waited outside with the boys when a man approached me to tell me how lovely my dogs were.  He then tried to buy Herbie from me!  Thankfully he soon left when Kev turned up.  Odd!

We had a very pleasant crossing where we met a lovely couple who own an Auto trail motor home similar to ours.  We got on famously and parked up in Dover next to each other so we could keep chatting.  One of the things I love about boats and motor homes is the amount of like minded people you meet as you travel.  So this morning we all wandered down to the local seafront cafe for a full English before going our separate ways (not before exchanging telephone numbers!)

Now we are home for a month before returning and continuing our travels.  The next stage hopefully promises some great photos.