What a blooming lovely day

Not much to say except that the weather is amazing! The sun just hasn’t stopped shining for the past week and it is wonderful.

Yesterday was spent lunching lazily which turned into a 3 course meal with a bottle of wine pour moi (I thought I’d ordered a glass). This all finished in disaster when Teddy decided to drag me off my chair ..  ouch! Sore derriere :?. 

This morning was supermarket time where I finally remembered to buy some rubber gloves (it’s very annoying having a split that let’s in hot water) then we headed off for Meaux which is where we are now.  Town moorings are excellent but the locals all seem to want to chat which is a little unnerving … I think they’re casing the joint!

Not much else but I did take some photos … let’s see if WordPress will let me post them.


Beautiful scenery


The Captain


Herbie cooling off down below

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