All in a day’s boating

No ropes were cut and I was taken out to a wonderful restaurant which served delicious food so all was well. 

Yesterday being Sunday we had a relatively lazy day and woke to a fun run being organised outside. Naturally Teddy and Herbie joined in but didn’t win a medal.

Later we strolled into the town where we discovered a meet of vintage cars. Much to my amusement there was a Golf GTI and a Peugeot 205 in the mix and I can remember both first coming out (back in the good ol’ days when I were a gal)!


Also saw a beautiful old Citroën from the 70s that Kev drooled over.

So today we are a bit nearer to Paris, resting up at La Ferte sous-Jouarre. We were aiming to moor up at Saacy-sur-Marne but the river was running fast and creating whirlpools around the nearby bridge supports making mooring impossible.   I did manage to get on the pontoon but the flow pulled the boat away quickly and Kev just managed to avoid the bridge support- phew! Hairy or what?! A large hotel boat was in the nearby lock and he barged (literally) through shaking his fist at poor Kev who was pretty much powerless.  In the end Kev went back to the lock where I met him on foot and we travelled another couple of hours down the river to here.

So, an email of complaint is going off to the hotel boat’s company for their rudeness … how very dare they???

Staying put tomorrow to recuperate and investigate the town.  By the way it’s so hot it feels like August and we had our first al fresco dinner on the stern tonight … happy days!

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