Full steam ahead

Awoke to beautiful sunshine so took the boys for a wander to the local market.  They always get lots of attention and today was no different.  Bought some strawberries then stopped for a coffee followed by beer because the coffee was so strong my head was buzzing.  I figured that the beer would calm the effect and it did!

The locals spoke not a word of English and didn’t understand me when I told them I was anglais so I spoke to them in English and they spoke to me in French … It seemed to work somehow!

After a quick visit to Carrefore supermarket and me navigating an extremely high bridge we returned back to Avalon with supplies and decided that the current was moving us so fast we could probably get to Chateau Thierry in a few hours (15

Anyway, I cracked on with my studies and we reached our destination in under
3 hours. 

Chateau Thierry has a lovely river front which is lively and the natives seem friendly enough.  However I’ve read reports of youths cutting ropes at night so we have moored up using our old ropes and put anchors down just in case.

We took a stroll around the town and bought ice creams as the weather is so warm.   Kev has promised to take me out for dinner later so fingers crossed!

No photos as WordPress hate me.

8 thoughts on “Full steam ahead

  1. Debs, try live writer it is brilliant for wordpress blogs and it is so easy to put photos in. I am sure Kev could organise that for you!

    Sometimes if we are very unsure about the natives we put chains on with padlocks. Only trouble is you mustn’t forget where you put the keys in case you need to loose off a bit quick!.. Those ones with tumblers and numbers to line up are no good if you need to untie for any emergency at night!

    Cant remember now if you have windows or mac.. But if it is windows this is the link..


    1. kwade

      Hi Sue

      I use Livewriter for blogger on a PC and now I have got to grips with it I really like it. Deb is using a MAC, or mostly blogging from her Samsung S6. Photos seem to be her nemesis.

      Kev xx

  2. Hi Debs,
    Having never deployed an anchor I’m curious how you retrieve it. I realise that you would steer above it to lessen the angle, but it must be very difficult to lift it out back onto the boat.

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