It just keeps getting better

Lacroix sur Meuse proved to be a very enjoyable mooring. The town wasn’t particularly large, indeed only a couple of shops and an allotment plus the usual memorials but I found a lovely long dog walk with plenty of off – lead opportunities for Herbie.  There was also an opportunity to dust off the Boules and have a few games with Graham and Jill.  It was men v women and of course the women won 13-11!  It was a lot of fun.


Thank you Jill for the photo.

Daisy the cat tried to join in but Herbie put her up a tree so she retired.

Next morning (yesterday) it was time to move on.  Only two locks today and a 2.5 hour trip to St Mihiel where we managed to squeeze Avalon into the last remaining space on the town mooring.


St Mihiel is a slightly larger town and we discovered a lovely brasserie nearby where we had lunch.  We met up with Graham and Jill and had a wander about before spending the evening in multi cultural company with the owners of barges Iron Lady, Nautilus and Doorengone (Britain, New Zealand and South Africa).  I also got to know a beautiful lurcher called Elvis.

This morning I took the dogs for a gentle stroll to see Graham and Jill who have moored up further down the river.  I spied an open air gym which I may go back and try out later.


Part two:

We have so far spent 3/4 days here enjoying the local restaurants and the hospitality of the fellow boaters … Indeed yesterday we all gathered together for a barbecue.  A very mixed bunch from all over the world including a former ballerina and a coffee trader!

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