Good times over a few days

Verdun has proved to be the ideal place to stop and catch up with Graham and Jill. We have excellent moorings with water on tap (filling the tank up as I write), a good TV reception … even the radio is working.  The men have sorted out their bank accounts which means we can get better Internet deals and today there is a music festival being set up right by us.  It could get noisy!

This photo was taken at the beginning of the festival …


Here is a photo of our moorings …


And here is the view we had …


Yesterday was a bank holiday so nowhere was open but the men used the time to retrieve the motor home from Sedan. Today they are moving vehicles on to somewhere else (I have no idea where!). 

Part two:

We have just arrived at Lacroix sur Meuse after a long (it felt) day cruising and around 7 locks.  These locks are so easy and quick they are almost a pleasure.  As sing through the centre of Verdun I took a couple of shots of the waterfront which has a beautiful water feature.


In the background below you can see the memorial …


There is a hotpot cooking away in the slow cooker for me to share with Matilda Rose later.  It is smelling very good!


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