Visitors from England

Yesterday my brother in law Malcolm and his girlfriend Dawn came over to see us for the weekend … Our first visitors!


We cruised to Commercy where we stayed overnight, and ate the best steaks ever!  I also saw the most opulent Town Hall that I’ve ever seen …


The building encircled me pretty much.

This morning we took off for Toul,  passing through one tunnel


and countless locks (18).  

We moored up opposite a marina where will stay for a few days. 

It’s a short walk into the centre.  I saw this interesting flower display on the way


plus some rather large flower pots.


This marble fountain was indicative of the town’s former wealth.  It’s very old but still rather grand and imposing.


Today the men had to collect vehicles so myself and Dawn decided to have a look around the shops – went in at lunchtime where of course all the shops are closed.  We popped back with the men for lunch but were too late … All restaurants had run out of food!! We ended up with kebab and chips from the one takeaway that was open.  It was delicious but not really what I would have chosen!

Dawn and Malcolm have now left to go home. It was great to see them and hear some gossip from home.

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