Onwards to Metz

I’ve finally sat down to type another blog entry. I seem to have been busy one way or another!

I’m probably going to miss out bits but you’ll get the general idea!

We spent several days back in Toul enjoying the recently returned sunshine and making friends with other boaters.  Matilda Rose came as moored up so we spent a few lovely days with Graham and Jill with whom I visited a local wine cave.  Remember Absolutely Fabulous when Edina and Patsy went to France? We got to taste all the wines and turned back to our respective boats slightly squiffy and laden down with purchases.

We all visited a local Tabac the following day for a few drinks and got chatting to some local characters.  One of whom took a shine to us.  Jean – Claude (known as Rocky to his friends) was determined to buy us bottles of wine but then seemed very keen to come and visit us with a bottle of Whiskey.  At this point we left as tactfully as we could and hid for the rest of the evening.

We decided to follow Graham and Jill to Metz.  Not on our route but it promised to be a nice trip and Metz has a good reputation so off we went.

We stopped off overnight in two different places (I have no idea where) before finally reaching Metz.  We were greeted by a wonderful view.


We moored up on the local town moorings and have spent the last two days wandering the city, eating out, shopping and absorbing the atmosphere.

Yesterday we had a delightful and fun evening aboard Matilda Rose with fellow boaters.  4 Aussies, 4 Brits, 2 guitars and a curry.  Plus Graham cooked a magnificent fig tart. Oh and copious amounts of wine.  Enough said.

Today has been spent mooching about, shopping and a few chores. Tomorrow it’s time to move on again.

4 thoughts on “Onwards to Metz

  1. mollie russell

    Sounds like a fab holiday. Deb be careful you don`t you sink Avalon with all that shopping.Looking forward to seeing you both loads of love Gray & Moll Xx

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