Castaways and back to Toul

We spent a delightful day in Nancy, sightseeing and shopping … boy are there some great shops there … We retired for the night only to be woken at around 2.30am by Herbie barking.  He was told to be quiet and we went back to sleep.  Kev got up for a wee a bit later and happened to look out of the porthole … The scenery had changed. Then he realised that we had had our ropes released.

Luckily we were in a safe area and it didn’t take very long to move to the other side and tie up safely but it was horrible.  Why do people do things like that?

Next morning (yesterday) we walked the dogs then left Nancy to make our way back to Toul meeting a lovely couple,  Janet and John, on the way.  Annoyingly I can’t remember the name of their barge … I think it was Janske or something similar.  We paired up through a few locks en route.

Thankfully the route we took had a lot less locks than going towards Nancy and as it neared 6 pm we decided to wild moor a couple of miles outside Toul.


Quite literally in the middle of nowhere but with an excellent satellite signal and wifi connection.  As our water was getting low we decided to try out the water filtration system for the first time.  I now have a full tank of purified drinkable water – all from the river!

Today we are now in Toul and have just investigated why Teddy keeps washing his paw.  Yes, a grass seed (again).  I am seriously thinking of putting boots on him … he’s already lost part of his foot due to the same reason and I don’t want that to happen again!

So now I’m about to restock the rather empty looking fridge and Kev has disappeared to find fuel and to chat up the local seamstress in the hope that she will mend our canopy.

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