Yesterday we made it to Givet.

Along the way I spied a cemetery. Now I love French cemeteries, they are far more interesting and beautiful than English ones.


A beautiful waterfront welcomed us … lots of mooring and lots of restaurants/bars. Unfortunately the moorings are high so the poor dogs needed lifting up and down.  They soon got fed up with that so Kev devised a slope that they could climb up which they seem to prefer.


The bar nearby seems to be on a bike tour guide as all afternoon various bikers pulled up for a Perrier.  We met a few characters while sitting in the sun downing a few.



I discovered Leffe  Ruby which is a lovely fruity lager (hic).


Just opposite the bar is this charming turret. I’m not sure what it’s for but I swear I heard someone calling “Rapunzel, Rapunzel,  let down your hair …”.  It may have been my imagination!

Today I awoke to the sound of rain which was a welcome relief from the beautiful but tiring sunshine.  After walking the dogs I decided to explore except there wasn’t really very much to see. Behind the lovely waterfront the town consists of little roads with a confusion of small shops and houses all  vying for position. Very charming but nothing really to get your teeth into.

There is a castle but I didn’t invest the energy I’m afraid.

Just to prove that I do housework on the boat here is some evidence …


I hate leaving it out for all to see but needs must.  One day I’ll return to find half the washing missing I’m sure!

One thought on “Givet

  1. I’ve seen Debbie and Kevin today – they have hit the ‘I’ve crossed a border and can’t get internet’ area. She asked me to say that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

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