A bit of a to-do

And so to Namur.  Not such a bright day so I busied myself with housewifely chores as we cruised along.  First lock we came to Matilda Rose attempted to get some water only to be hurried along.  I got my ropes in a twist but thankfully managed to avert any mishaps. I had straightened my hair earlier in a fit of girliness, grabbed the first coat to go outside, no hood, rain, hair ruined! Vanity does not belong on a boat it seems but at least Kevin got a laugh.

We finally came to the last lock of the day early afternoon. There was a queue of large barges (rare) so we moored up.  This proved to be quite tricky but with Kevin on dry land and me running backwards and forwards between ropes and steering we managed it.  Matilda Rose came up alongside and we all decided to walk up to the lock with the dogs to see what was happening.   Kevin went on ahead and Jill and I followed, stopping occasionally to help the big boys with their ropes.  This is no easy task – they use big fat ropes which are very heavy! 

It turned out that the lock gates had broken and they were waiting for the guys to arrive to fix it.  Roughly a 2 hour wait.  Walking back a man came by with a dear young collie.  Seeing that our dogs were friendly he let his off the lead to play.  They were all getting on great and then suddenly I hear a yelp – the man had hit Herbie with his umbrella!  Kevin stated his upset, the man started shouting in French and was waving the umbrella about … so Kevin grabbed it and bent it in half.  Then the man starts yelling at me so I told him in no uncertain terms (whether he could understand me or not I’ll never know) that no one hits my dogs.  The whole thing was very upsetting.  Herbie wasn’t attacking his dog, they were playing.  I hope it rained on him while he was walking home – there was no way that umbrella was going to be of any use!

For the record, if either of my dogs were being aggressive I would have no problem with someone chastising them,  pulling them away or shouting at them but to hit an animal to the point that they yelp using a metal object is not acceptable.  I hope he treats his own dog better.

So finally we get through the lock.  Matilda Rose leaves with a full tank of water and I wear the correct raincoat with a hood.  We got there in the end!

Just around the corner is our destination and it certainly looks promising.  We are moored in the city moorings opposite a casino – I may have to investigate at some stage!  By which I mean casinos always seem to have excellent restaurants … to lure customers I guess.

Today Jill and I took the dogs (minus Baxter who did NOT want to go) for a pleasant walk. Well it would’ve been pleasant had Herbie not pulled me along.  I saw this which made me giggle.


He looks just like the man that whacked Herbie including a brolly under his arm … this is what happens when you mess with me, I turn you into a statue!!

After being dragged back to the boat by dear Herbie, Jill and I decided some retail therapy was in order so off we went.  There are some lovely shops in Namur and we had a very pleasant afternoon.  I bought a choke chain for Herbie … it seems to be helping so hopefully I won’t need to use it for long.

Here is a view of our moorings from further along the river. 


Hopefully I’ll get to see the castle tomorrow, it looks massive!

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