Well I guess it was all going far too well

We have spent several days in Migennes for many reasons.  Firstly the weather has been dreadful. Secondly and more importantly to get the dogs approved to go home.

So we wait at the vets with Herbie going bananas at all the C.A.T.S and are finally seen to be told that their rabies jabs were out of date.  “No problem we said, just do them now please”.  Which is exactly what she did before telling us that we couldn’t take the boys home for 21 days.  We both gasped.  How were we going to go home to Kevin’s brothers wedding?

It’s our own fault.  Neither of us had checked the dates of the vaccinations both believing that there was another year to go.

We shared our sorrows with Marion and Charles on Moondance and sunk a few to ease our stupidness.  Peter joined us which was a nice surprise.

Next day we moped about a bit and started making plans to stay another 3 weeks when we got a phone call from our saviours … Graham and Jill.  They are taking the boys for a few days while we go back for a whistle stop visit.  I can’t tell you how grateful we both are!

We decided to get Teddy checked over as he’s been seeming very frail and has been panting alot more than usual.  The vet gave him an ecg and told us his heart isn’t very good.  Well, he is 13.  He’s now on diuretics and heart medication and boy can we see the difference!  My lethargic old man has a spring in his step and the panting has almost all gone!  The only drawback is that he needs to ‘visit the gents’ a little more often.  Who cares, he’s worth it!

While in Migennes we met a lovely couple, I’m sorry but I can’t remember their names or the boat they have … but I do remember that their lively dog is called Louis.

Isn’t he a smasher?!


While shopping in the local Atak supermarket I spied something unusual …


I haven’t seen this for a while!  I remember it being withdrawn because it was turning kids skin orange!  I have to say it didn’t glow in quite the same way!

I have just washed the boat from top to bottom.  Why? I hear you ask.  In Migennes the chalky composition of the earth is a nightmare and coupled with the rain it has been trodden and splashed everywhere!

Now we have moved on to Brienon where Kevin has already had an argument with someone who told us where we couldn’t moor but now we are opposite the Marina wild mooring on a lovely canel bank where the dogs are safe and it’s easy for them to jump off. 

Here’s some pics of Teddy to show how well he looks.



4 thoughts on “Well I guess it was all going far too well

  1. Oh ny Gosh, I bet that was a shock about the Rabies Jabs, but good news about Teddy at the same time.
    Teddy is looking good in those photos, and I can’t see why his minder is on that diet!
    ‘Sunny D’ Eh? trust the French to sell a product with such a tainted name, even if it would seem to have lost its extreme colour, I think most of the British kids would reject it.

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