At Sens I found a beautiful cathedral and a wonderful shoe shop.  I indulged myself in two pairs of shoes to add to my ever expanding collection, much to the amusement of the salesman, not so much an entertainment for Kevin!

A few days ago we got on our bikes and cycled out of town to a Buffalo Grill for dinner, then yesterday returned to the same region to visit a great supermarket, Grande Fraiche.  Lots of delicious produce including things I’d never seen before.


Mini mangoes!



Then popped in to a pet store to buy Herbie another Kong (indestructible dog toy).  He keeps dropping them in the river which is proving to be costly as they’re around €14 apiece.

We spent a pleasant evening last night with Peter (Bargemaster) and Marion and Charles from barge Moondance.  Herbie didn’t want them to go.


Herbie took a liking to Peter ‘ s socks.


And took possession of Marion.

Today we went back into town for lunch and to visit the cathedral.




Tonight Peter popped in again, much to Herbie’s delight.






I will post another entry with further photos of the cathedral (Internet issues).

2 thoughts on “Sens

  1. Peter (bargemast)

    Hi Debbie and Kevin,

    I managed to get back to my boat without meeting the Police Municipal this time and without getting too wet.

    I enjoyed your company and the video’s and photos Kevin showed me, and the stories and the delicious Blue cheese omelet Kevin prepared.

    The photos of the Cathedral and all the others too are very good, but I’m amazed by all the things Debbie managed to do with a sort of juggeling to put the photos she made with her camera onto her phone to put them on this blog without touching anything.

    For someone that’s only recently escaped from stone age (me) it all looks like black magic to me, for her it doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

    If the rain doesn’t stop, your powerful engine will be able to finally show a bit more of the horses that have been waiting behind the accelerator lever and let you know that they’re there in case you need them.

    Have a safe and pleasant trip up the Yonne and on the Burgundy Canal to St.Florentin.

    I’m looking forward to see you and the dogs when we’ll meet again.



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