Charming Clamecy

Clamecy is a charming town.  The town moorings are lovely and level for Teddy with his limited jumping ability and close enough to the centre for us to bar hop.

The buildings are extremely old in places … old in a good way.


If you forgot to make room for the staircase don’t worry …


… just add a bit on!



Had lunch in a lovely Moroccan restaurant that was so large with so few people inside it that I can only think its a front for something  … either that or it gets very busy in the evenings!


Having realised that both of us had forgotten the dog’s tick collars we had to search out a vets which we did … then discovered a garden centre selling the exact same collars for €10 apiece cheaper!  I won’t forget that next time.

Kev bought a mega mallet for striking pins home as the last one fell to pieces.  I think he bought the largest one in the shop – it’s massive!

I managed to drop Herbie’s lead in a lock, sorry Herbie I promise I’ll buy you a new one (oops).

Now.  Have you ever bought a pair of tights in France? The sizing is in weight and not height so according to the chart written in tiny writing I am a number 2.  Let’s hope so when I put them on.  Pop socks seem to be a favourite if you judge by the shop display … hmm.

The supermarket in Clamecy has a new thing (to me).  Shopping trolleys usually have space for a child to sit do you agree?  Here there is space … wait for it … to put your petit chien with even a special cushion.  I kid you not.  Wish I’d taken a photo.

Talking of strange things; Jill from Françoise had a strange tale she shared with me.  Coming up to a lock she was taking photos when the lock keeper arrived to ring a bell and put up a flag … strange enough but even stranger is the fact he did this while wearing a pair of ladies tights with very little else!  The things you see!

Sorry the photos are a bit fuzzy ..  I think Jill’s hand must have been shaking!



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