Another sort of dog fight

Leaving Clamecy, Kev drove while I wrote my essay (very interesting subject, apartheid) in the warm.

We arrived after many locks (I gave up counting) which we shared with Gwen, a plastic cruiser who favoured rushing to the next lock then waiting about for us to dawdle along.  Mr Lockie wanted to put us through together to save him time so hard cheese Gwen!

We spent the night in a beautiful spot at Merry-sur-Yonne, dwarfed by the fantastic scenery.


We even met some fellow Brits!


The pontoon was the perfect size too.

 Next morning was a bit rainy so again i stayed down below with my work while Kev drove.  Gwen was still with us and still dashing ahead.  We moored up in Cravant for the night.  Nothing much to say about it except I finally managed to get rid of my rubbish there.  No Internet but TV reception was good so I got to watch Casualty.

This morning we moved along to the next lock.  The lockie had asked us what time did we want to go through this morning which was a bit strange as it’s a bank holiday and other people told us the locks wouldn’t be open.  Well, they were right but it worked out for the best as the mooring is much better for Teddy (our priority with his wobbly legs and cataracts).  Plus there was a big treat for us.

Fighter planes of all sorts were swooping and spinning, dancing about the sky.  The acrobatics were amazing and it took a good while before I realised they were models.  When I say models, they were pretty big!  I sent Kev and Herbie along to the gathering to find out more.





I suggested Kev take his drone to play with them but he thought they’d laugh at it …

Normally at home when I’m studying I have Herbie snuggled up with me on the sofa.  On the boat it seems that Teddy has decided to take on the role of study buddy.


But Herbie still loves me …


Here’s our mooring for tonight …


Thank goodness – we bought the new mallet just in time!

2 thoughts on “Another sort of dog fight

  1. it seems that teddy and Daisy have been comparing notes on modelling for Screen photos! I notice that The British plane is the one with a fire extinguisher laid next to it! The Royal Navy use the full size ones for practice bombing and attack runs on the Fleet flying from RNAS Culdrose here in Cornwall, so I’m used to seeing them at low level and blooming fast. But in the middle of France? That I would have liked to see!

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