On the move to Tannay

A bit of a chilly day but we decided to get going through several locks and a couple of bridges.

Every day is started with the coffee machine being exercised …


You do have to keep the captain happy!

It all got a bit monotonous for me so I mostly stayed in the warm doing house-wifey stuff like playing with my new washer/dryer (fab) and dishwasher (super fab). 

Attempted to start my next essay although Herbie had other ideas and sat squarely on my lap! The lack of wifi is getting to me a bit … I often need to do bits of research or refer to the OU site as I’m writing so am feeling like I have a hand missing at the moment.  At the next large town we can sort it all out and normality will resume thank goodness!


Sometimes you find a lock keepers cottage has turned into a bar … We didn’t stop this time though!


Kevin lifted one bridge and I did the other.  Kind of fun to do.


So anyway,  here we are moored up in Tannay where there is little of anything except lovely peace and quiet and thankfully no rain!


Plus the dogs are worn out!  Ying and yang style too.


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