Back in France!

So … packed up in the motorhome we set off back on our travels.  We arrived without incident a few days ago and unpacked swiftly before spending our first evening aboard Avalon, the dogs sleeping soundly on their posh new beds. 
I now have a dishwasher (yippee) and the washing machine has been replaced with a new washer/dryer which is snug in the corner of the bedroom.  Next day (yesterday) we walked the boys along the towpath before stocking up the food cupboards.  Not a big task as we are both on diets and determined not to gain weight in the coming month … We shall see!  After the shopping we set off in the motorhome to visit Graham and Jill in Beaulon on their new boat, Françoise.  The new boat is lovely and spacious which was a delight for the dogs.

After a boozy night and a good sleep today we decided to walk into town for lunch.  Stopping at a like place we were all welcomed warmly and placed our order for lunch.  Several drinks later and still no food.  1.5 hours later and Graham asked if we were to be fed.  Oops, they were waiting for us to go into the dining room! As our stomachs were thinking our throats had been cut we rushed in and our starters were immediately served.  Thank goodness!

The owner had a new puppy which I demanded to meet …


How I managed to leave him there I’ll never know!  Adorable!

Meanwhile Herbie and Teddy had a great time meeting Mutley and Baxter again …


Kev brought his now toy to show his playmate.  I think Graham was suitable impressed …



It was great meeting up with Graham and Jill.  The normal laughs were still there and Graham cooked us a delicious roast beef dinner on  Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Back in France!

  1. Welcome back Debbie, We’ve missed you, And you’ve got to go and see the Gin Palace and Her new residents as well!
    I wonder if the Laws in France are the same as here for Drones, just be careful some french Farmer doesn’t think Kev is an EU spy checking on his bloodstock levels and accidently shoot at the Drone with a shotgun!
    Washer/Dryer? if you were on land I’d laugh but on a boat it makes sense when you are making your own power and time is available, and loads are small. I never thought I’d see the sense of them, but in your situation it sounds reasonable.
    I think you’ve started a new fashion with Boat Widths!

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