Tunnels and locks

Yesterday we moored up at the end of a run of locks and prepared ourselves for an early start. The lock keeper had told us “9.00am”. No choice so the alarm was set.  If you know us you’ll know that we (especially moi) like to wake up naturally which is usually around 9.00am so I was not best pleased but sometimes it has to be done.

I was thankful to be leaving that mooring as I spied a rat casually wandering past Avalon and did not want to see any more!  So we were all up and ready to get going on the dot at 9.00am this morning ready to face the three tunnels and sixteen locks ahead of us.  Thankfully the sun joined us and made it all quite pleasurable.




I did begin to wonder if we had entered a Tombraider video game as the leafy scenery got higher and higher with long tendrils hanging down … It all felt quite ethereal.

The locks were all close set and we had a friendly bunch of lock keepers to keep us company as we progressed.  One lock did give me cause for concern though when I saw this …


and I wonder who these belonged to?


We stopped off for lunch in a lock which had a pottery shop.  Naturally I hopped off to have a look (any form of shopping is better than nothing) and found that Teddy had made himself at home on the cool stone floor.  Meanwhile Herbie had taken himself off for a wander on the search for critters.  This is what happens when I turn my head for one second!  Even though I found a beautiful teapot I managed to resist (when I saw the price) and Herbie decided to join me jumping up to see what I was looking at o I decided to gather my dogs before anything got broken and leave.

Herbie was puzzled when Kevin decided to lend a hand …


he hates to be left out.

The scenery is so beautiful and lush …



it’s almost worth the bad wifi connection but fingers crossed I can get a satellite reception … although apparently there is a fair here (Champ du Chene) tonight with fireworks so we won’t struggle for entertainment.

P.S. Look what mother nature gave us tonight … a wonderful blood moon!


2 thoughts on “Tunnels and locks

  1. Peter (bargemast)

    Hello Deb and Kevin,

    you’ve almost arrived, maybe even much sooner than needed.

    It’s really very pretty down there, and it’s the main reason while I’m still here.

    I loved the at the time so much needed peace and quiet when I arrived there in ’79 that I decided to hang around a bit longer, and was even more motivated when I met a lovely lock keeper woman who believe it or not, liked me too.

    If you’ve lots of time left, you could already do a short trip down to a very pretty small town not far away from Chitry les Mines, named Clamecy, and then turn around to go back up to your winter mooring.

    Anyway, whatever you do, enjoy every day.



  2. Sounds so beautIful & I’m glad no fur kids were thrown overboard during the making of this episode of your blog!
    My 2 fur kids are just knackered. All too much for them. We’ve extended our trip because we have 3 more houses to view tomorrow.
    Talk soon guys,

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