A nice fisherman

Firstly … There are some beautiful sights mother nature offers us in the Autumn …


Saying farewell to Cercy la-Tour we had a very pleasant trip with no dogs falling in and no motorhome incidents but a lovely lock where we bought homemade preserves and liqueurs from a lady lock keeper who took me ’round the back’ to a very dilapidated shed which held many wonders.  I have tried the apricot jam and it’s wonderful so I’m looking forward to sampling the rest.


Kevin spotted a rather eerie tree …


which seemed to be keeping it’s eye (s) on us!

We finally stopped off at a very quiet mooring at Fleury.


We were greeted in the morning by the baker’s van offering pain and pain au chocolat which I bought of course.  Absolutely delicious with the newfound taste for espresso we have both developed.

This is the journey we took today …


Kevin says it looks like a colon!  It was certainly very windy and with plenty of locks to keep us occupied.

Now we are moored up in Chatillon-en-Bazois where our mooring was being occupied by a fisherman.  Unbelievably (this would not happen in the UK I’m sure) he saw us and began tidying up his rods to make way for us, even taking my rope!  Then he offered us a fish which was gratefully received so we gave him a beer and he stopped for a quick look over Avalon.  He has to be the friendliest fisherman I have ever met!  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him again tomorrow!

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