Splash splash

Once we had said our goodbyes we wandered over to a nearby market.  It was massive and Kev was busy grumbling until we found this!


We have been looking for a trunk since we brought the boat over from England and this is just perfect don’t you agree?  Somehow we managed to carry it back to Avalon but one of my arms is now considerably longer than it was.

Now Herbie has put his glasses on to write about something that happened to himself and Teddy …


Hi everyone, this is Herbie reporting a serious occurrence.

Avalon was going up in lock 33 at Champvert on the Nivernais canal and we levelled with land so I decided to jump off for a runabout (Kev loves to chase me you see).  Normally I am very sure footed but again I misjudged it and landed … splash … in the lock!  Kev was quick to haul me out and it really didn’t bother me but then silly Teddy decided to copy me.  He always copies me (sigh).  In he went … splash … and Kev tried to rescue him but Teddy is heavier (fatter) than me so he needed a hand.  Debbie is weaker than a c.a.t. so he asked the lock keeper if he could help.  Well he wasn’t a very nice man because he just babbled at us in French (strange as he spoke perfect English before) and waved his hands around.  Kev found some super human strength and managed to get the old boy out but when we got to the next lock the horrible man was there again so he got a good telling off and I had a good bark at him too. 


It took lots of towels and cuddles to get Teddy back to normal!

End of report 🐾

I’m going to have alot of grey hairs by the time I get back to England!

Further along the canal I spied a herd of sheep on the tow path.  They soon ran back to their field once Herbie sounded the alarm.


It really is a charming canal.


We have stopped for a couple of days in Cercy la-Tour to restock the fridge and catch our breath.  Next to us was a salty sea dog until this morning when he left and yesterday we wandered along and got chatting with some fellow Brits who live aboard their narrow boats.  There are quite a few narrow boats around this region which makes a pleasant change although I haven’t seen many on the move.

Last night Kev introduced our new motorhome to a French one (oopsie).  Not much harm done but the Frenchman got very excited and called the Gendarmerie who couldn’t work out why they had been called.  The price of a rear light for his motorhome went up from €500 to €2800 in a matter of minutes so I put on my Mrs Efficient voice and quietened him down, thrust the appropriate paperwork at him and walked away.  He wanted to keep screaming and gesticulating … I learned how ill he’s been, how much his motorhome cost, how poor he is, blah blah blah.  Kev has got to stop meeting people like this.

Today we decided to take the motorhome to visit our winter moorings at Chitry-les-Mines.  It’s a lovely little marina with space for our motorhome and a small shop so I’m happy … no pontoons for me to wobble along.  We stopped off for lunch at a pizzeria.  So we walked in and sat down and waited.  A man opened a door and said a lot of French to us and disappeared again.  I guessed we were not going to be served so we moved to the second part of the restaurant.  Everyone looked up as we entered (I’m sure I heard a banjo in the distance) and we sat down.  The same man we saw before appeared and said alot more but thankfully another diner translated for us and we ate our pizzas in peace.  It was certainly a restaurant for local people and not tourists!

Getting back into the motorhome a woman with hair the colour of candy floss approached me wanting a lift to Nevers.  I felt sorry for her as she was very tearful but we weren’t going in that direction.  I hope she found a safe lift.

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