Fun times

Since my last post we have been busy busy busy.



Sancerre was charming although the weather was damp. We made the most of it and took in some sights and a yummy dessert.

Cuffy was our next stop where we met up with our very lovely friends Sarah and Jack and their two doggies, handsome Hudson and lovely Lila … Both of whom I tried to dognap!



I am now hell bent on convincing Kev that I need a small dog to cuddle.

We moved on to Nevers where of course Sarah and I went shopping and we both did ourselves proud and also surpassed ourselves with these beauties …


Sarah and I reverted to giggly schoolgirls … Jack thought we sounded like hens!  Both men gave up and left us to it (probably very wise).

It took Lila a little while to befriend Herbie as she is very little and he is very bouncy but the bond with Hudson was instant and they were as thick as thieves.  There was a sticky moment when Hudson and Herbie were watching out as we cruised and Herbie lost his footing … SPLASH!!! We quickly moved to the bank and the hero was Kevin who leapt out and rescued the poor lad.  Shaken but not stirred Herbie quickly recovered and has returned to his habit of standing on the edge.


Teddy is far more sensible and only rests his chin on the gunnel.

Sadly the time has come for Teddy’s walks to be more restricted as he ‘lost his legs’ while out with me on a walk.  The poor boy seemed so tired so I led him to a shaded spot for some recovery time before heading boat wards.  I knew this time would come and am hoping Kevin will make a trolley so he can still join us … watch this space!

Sarah, Jack, Hudson and Lila have left us today to go touring further north (missing them akready) and both boys are sleeping soundly having been completely worn out.   Me and Kev are off to the market to look for a bread bin.

7 thoughts on “Fun times

  1. andywindy

    Sacre Bleu Madame est un marin cruelle! First you give your bread the sac(k) Now you want to put it in the Bin! Seriously though a ‘worktop mounted yeast products container’ is a much forgotten item of Kitchen (Sorry Galley) equipment, I’m sure that if that Extraordinary Shipwright that you married had thought of it He would have built one into the Galley. Sorry to hear of poor Teddy’s legs going so soon on this trip, I know you were hinting at a lap dog, but Teddy may be a little heavy to keep in your bag you were using at Maxims in Paris?

  2. Peter (bargemast)

    Hello Deb and Kevin,

    good to read that you’re still having a good time, but I’m very sad to read the news about Terry, poor boy !

    It reminds me a lot of the sadly enough last few weeks I had with my last dog of which I had to lift her non-working back end of the ground with a strap when we went for our walks.

    This surely is one of the biggest problems with pets, you get so attached to them, but they don’t live long enough and it’s heartbreaking to lose them.



    1. Sadly they don’t live long enough but the best we can do is love and care for them while they’re here. He still enjoys life but does get a bit confused at times. Herbie keeps him happy.

  3. OMGoodness!!!! Herbie & Teddy BOTH fell in!!! That’s awful. My poor babies 😦
    On a better note…. You found your trunk! Love it. Was this at the market we left you?

    We are loving this area & looked at a rental property this afternoon. It was PERFECT, except only 1 bathroom & this just won’t do. Such a pity because everything else ticked every box! We’ll see another agent tomorrow & then it’s off the Lyon on Thursday.

    Take care ALL of you.
    xoS,J,H & L

    1. Just realised this is YOU!! Sister from another mother! Yep the trunk was from that market! What a find and so cheap too. How strange I feel we’ve known each other for years but only met once. Life is strange. Home next week so don’t forget we have a spare bed for you guys … no hotels I promise!! Give your babies big kisses from us … love you guys D,K,T&H x

      1. Yup, I can’t wait to see you all again… Sister from another Mother!!
        At long last a sister that gets my terrible sense of humor…
        Miss you so much already,

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