You do meet some people!

Now I’ll do my utmost to put places in the right order but please forgive me if I get it wrong … its been a few days!

We went through the most attractive lock in France  (awarded for several years running).  There were certainly alot of beautiful plants so someone has got green fingers …




But there was a better sight to see!

As we approached Rogny we were confronted with a remarkable 7 lock staircase built during the reign of Henry IV.  Thankfully it is no longer used (breathes a massive sigh of relief).


It now appears to be a tourist attraction.  Talking of which, Avalon has been creating a stir as we’ve been going along.  At one lock we had gongoozelers en mass.


They were taking photos of us so I took one of them!

We moored up for the night in Rogny.  A very basic village with just a bar and a pizza place nearby.  We moored next to an English couple who were a little odd.  He told me how to rope off first, then he told me where to eat, before finally telling me where to walk the dogs … obviously I couldn’t work these things out for myself! My feeling is he was a retired teacher.  It’s his dog I felt sorry  for (and his wife but then she was a little strange too).  It takes all sorts!

One night with no TV or wifi and the odd couple for neighbours was enough so next morning we headed off to Braire which is where we are now.  Braire is delightful … found these marvellous sculptures outside the capitanaire’s office.


Our capitanaire rushed out to greet us … then rushed back in again to visit the loo before re emerging to welcome us.  Gillian B was already in situ and we were to moor up alongside as there was nowhere else to go.  It’s a popular place! 


Here we are squeezed in at the end.  Kevin did a marvellous job getting us in our slot. 

Yesterday Kevin travelled back via train/bike to Ponthierry to reclaim our motorhome and we ate at a local restaurant which had things such as calves head, horse and kidneys on the menu.  I opted for the pork (safest bet) and it was delicious.

We had some good news yesterday … Our goddaughter finally gave birth so we are now great uncle and auntie.  That makes me feel very old!

Today we joined Peter from Gillian B for a lovely walk along the old canel and under an aqueduct.  The dogs had a wonderful time, with Herbie and Monty reunited once more and Teddy being surprisingly active.



Tomorrow we’re on the move again and apparently going on the aqueduct which will be a first.

Lastly I couldn’t resist taken a photo of this poor broken cottage.  I think there’s something quite lovely about it.


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