The aqueduct

We waited a day or so while we got some mending done on the pram hood.  This happens regularly as the stupid man who made it used inferior thread which has been weakened by the sun.  The capitanaire, Dor, very kindly put us in touch with a local man who took the whole lot away and got busy mending. However it did mean we spent a further day in Braire. 

We had to move Avalon to another mooring for the extra day, in the commercial port which was fine except that we had to moor up alongside a barge which caused a few problems for Teddy.  Herbie the gazelle had no problem leaping upwards and balancing with a front leg against the boat side like an arm (you had to see it) but Teddy had a bit of a job with his aging joints and poor sight.  Luckily the pram hood was returned at tea time and we moved off straight away to find a better mooring for the night.

All things happen for a reason though and we entered the aqueduct at dusk with that wonderful golden light that makes everything seem magical.






This aqueduct is known as the Henry IV canal or Loyne en Seine canal and was built in 1642 which I think is incredible.  It’s the longest in Europe at 663m long and was amazing to travel along.

We found a beautiful and peaceful spot just on the other side with only one other boat (all French and who took far too long to tie up than is professional).  We moored in a jiffy and were sitting on the stern with drinks while they were still faffing about!  Herbie had (almost) free rein and had a great time wandering about all evening.

We have spent the day moving and are now moored up in Sancerre for a few days.

5 thoughts on “The aqueduct

  1. andywindy

    Beautiful pictures of the Aquaduct, in a former life I used bto repair boring old ’60s and ’70s streetlights, I think I’d have preferred playing with these ones!

  2. Peter (bargemast)

    Hi Deb and Kevin,

    good to read that you’re on the move again.

    I hope that the guy Capitaine Door found you used a better quality thread, and that your pramhood will last long enough after this treatment, at least until it will be replaced by the wheelhouse that Kevin has been dreaming of.

    Bon voyage,


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