Yesterday was spent in Montargis shopping seeing the sights of which there was very few but I managed to spend some Euros and eat lunch out.  Kevin’s lunch looked delicious – a montage of seafood.  Mine was, ahem, rather salty, ravioli with ham … even the green salad had a salty dressing on it.  Can you overdose on salt I wonder?!

Today we moved on down the canel – stopping on the way to wait for our lock keeper and for Teddy to enjoy the local grass.  He can’t resist it!


We have ended up in Chatillon-Colingny where we have had the pleasure of a visit from a chap called Peter from the Canel World forum.  Him and Kevin have spent a few hours chewing the cud and putting the water world to rights.

Then another surprise …. Gillian B turned up with its owner, another Peter with his guest, yet another Peter (I’m outnumbered here) and of course, Monty the dog.  How pleased was Herbie to see his old Parisian pal?  Take a look …


Happy boys!

Changing the subject, when I shop for fish I really have no idea.  The other day I bought three types, I think one was cod, the other I had no idea but it was tasty.  Tonight I’m cooking another one so wish me luck! It could be anything!

Reading a magazine I brought with me I spied a recipe for a fruity drink and I’m attempting it.  It’s an old Victorian recipe for a ‘shrub’ which is a mixture of crushed fruit, sugar, herbs and vinegar.  You allow this to steep for a few weeks before mixing with spring water.  I’m curious to know what it’s going to taste like … I’ll let you know when it’s ready and I’ve tried it.  The version I’ve made is pear with strawberry vinegar and tyme.  Here’s what it looks like at the moment …


A curious concoction I think you’ll agree!

2 thoughts on “Chatillon-Coligny

  1. Peter (bargemast)

    Hello Deb and Kevin,

    it was really nice to meet you, just by chance, and I must say that I was most impressed with the great job that Kevin made of “Avallon”.

    Your dogs are very nice guys too, and another chance I had was that Kevin organised a guided tour on Peter’s barge, good for a probably sleepless night while fighting against jealousy, a long lost illness that came back in a flash.

    If it’s possible to change the name of the quiet little town where you were, which didn’t come through clear enough I’m afraid, it’s “Chatillon-Coligny”.

    Not a big deal as I suppose that your blog-followers will look on a map to see where you are, but with the right letters it will make your blog look even better.

    Looking forward to meet yoou again somewhere in the near future.

    Happy cruising,


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