Little Venice

We have now moved on to a delightful town called Montargis which is also known as Little Venice.  It is very attractive and our mooring is excellent … as it should be for €15 a night!

As we have been bereft of shops over the last few days we cycled to the nearest one using our bikes as carriers for all the shopping bags on the return journey.  I have to say I was getting a little concerned as the fridge was clearing out fast and the lovely rural moorings we’ve stayed at have no supermarkets.  Now its fully stocked the fridge is looking alot happier.

There have been a good few locks on the way, all with this strange building alongside …


I’m sure there is a perfectly good reason for its ugliness!

Hauling the shopping back to Avalon I took the opportunity to take some photos and here’s my favourite …


You can see why it’s called Little Venice!

Tomorrow I plan to do some proper shopping sightseeing so hopefully there will be lots of photos added in due course.

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