Moving south

Woke up this morning with a view to clipping the dogs.  Searched for the clippers … they’re on the motorhome oops! Oh well.  Took the boys for a loooooong walk along the tow path which was lovely. 


It’s amazing what you see in people’s back gardens …


Teddy was happy to find some nice chomping grass …


Why do they love it so much?!

Herbie managed to get stuck behind a gate … I’ve no idea how he got there but luckily it wasn’t locked.


Isn’t it odd how all the signs with a picture of a dog depict an Airedale?  It’s the same in France …


After our walk we took a slow wander down the river, enjoying the slightly cooler temperature, and on to our first canel for a while.  Canel de Loing is delightful with plenty of places to wild moor. 

I spotted an English narrowboat …


We have now stopped for the night close to a picnic area and just on the outskirts of a small village.  Hopefully we can buy some provisions there in the morning but for now we are just going to enjoy the peace and quiet.  Bliss!


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