Return to Ponthierry

Over Wednesday and Thursday we drove our shiny new motorhome through the tunnel and on to Ponthierry.  Shortly after leaving the tunnel we parked up to let the boys spread their legs.  Herbie flushed out a few rabbits … and a few immigrants!  Upon returning to the motorhome we were just in time for the dogs’ presence to deter more immigrants who were about to investigate our wee home.  A bit hairy to say the least but no harm done.

That night the heaven’s opened and it poured and poured and continued for the entire next day.  We arrived in Ponthierry and hesitated before leaving the motorhome.  I certainly didn’t relish the thought of sliding my way down the pontoon (which is rather lengthy).  Still it was quite obvious that the rain was there to stay so we braved it with no slippage thankfully.

All on board and unpacked we survived off our tinned stock until morning when we went shopping and now the fridge is groaning under the weight of ‘stuff’.

Yesterday (Saturday) was dry and so we left our moorings and headed for Melun which was a short hop but joyful to have a bank mooring and be out in the sunshine!  Boy was there sunshine … 35c all day.  I spent alot of the day essay writing – end of module assessment so it’s important stuff that needed to be done.

So here’s a photo of the view last night …


This morning we wandered into the town to buy a baguette.  Well we needed to use our gift from Claire and Colin!


I love it!

Once back I had some yoga time on the river side (much to the amusement of a resting tramp!) …


Before moving off again.

We are now just outside Samoreau on a semi – wild mooring.

2 thoughts on “Return to Ponthierry

  1. andywindy

    Glad to see you’re back,both, and the boys in full guard duty already!
    I do like the ‘gette bag, and if I were to try and balance on my hands like that I’d be in hospital!

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