Another world

My goodness I feel like I’ve stepped into another world these past few days.  Thursday we ventured out on the Metro (very hot and crowded) to Galleries  Lafayette which is my favourite store.  It’s kind of like a French Harrods.  Kevin surprised me by taking me into a certain department and buying me a certain handbag I’ve wanted for years … I’m saying no more but here’s the wrapping.


Yesterday was time for another treat.  I have always wanted to eat at Maxim’s restaurant and I finally went and did it! It certainly lived up to its reputation and the food was mouth-wateringly delicious.  There was a pianist playing 1940s music to add to the atmosphere. 


It was also a good excuse to get dressed up for once!



Here is one of the mirrors in the restaurant.  All the decor is original art nouveau and absolutely amazing.

Herbie’s been having a battle holding onto his toys recently.   Monty the spaniel from the next boat, Gillian B, has become a regular visitor.  He’s a dear little chap but he does have a tendency for sneaking off with Mr Rattie or Mr Turtle  …


Caught red pawed!!

Teddy just watches in amusement.

6 thoughts on “Another world

  1. mollie russell

    Tried to message you but It wouldn’t go. Looks like you are having a great time so pleased Teddy is ok now lots of love. X x

    1. Hi Sarah of course we want to meet up! We are here in Paris for another week then moving on but you can come anytime that suits. Name a date and we’ll go from there x

      1. Heather

        Totally into your blog Deb, we are driving down to the Lot in two weeks and really looking forward to the break.Been really busy in the garden and enjoying the fruits of our labour. You have made me think about getting back into the yoga thing! Love to you both , Heather and David 😋

      2. You’ll love the Lot region ! It has to be the most beautiful region of France. Enjoy. Glad you’re reading the blog 🙂 it’s nice to know it’s being enjoyed xx

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