Returning to Porthierry

So Wednesday evening found us battling through the lorries and diversions in a determined effort to reach the channel tunnel. After a few choice words and the help of a kind policeman  we worked out the diversions and ended up at our destination … albeit too late for our scheduled train.  We were booked on to the morning train and so spent the last of the evening chatting to a very nice Germany couple who were parked next to us.

Next morning and no further complications saw us on the train heading to Calais and within a few hours we were back on board Avalon.  What we weren’t expecting was the scorching heat!  On board the temperature was 35 degrees and there it stayed all of Thursday.  Teddy and Herbie were not happy!  

Friday was pretty much the same. Thankfully we have fans which were swiftly turned on and lowered the temperature a little (well at least we could breathe!).  Food shopping was required and the delight of an air conditioned shopping mall was experienced.  Ahh!

Today the heat is telling on Teddy making him ill and so Kev went giant fan hunting and returned with possibly the last one in Porthierry.  After showering my poor suffering boy I sat him down in front of said fan and there he remains.  No more panting and finally he sleeps!

Herbie is immune it seems and can pant himself cool in moments with no ill effects but he didn’t like Kev’s form of cooling down …


He barked at him constantly!!

Hoping for a good thunderstorm tonight so we are a bit cooler for our trip to Paris tomorrow.

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