Lovely Lagny sur Marne

It was sad leaving Lagny sur Marne this morning. It’s such a lovely town and the people are so friendly.  A waiter ran up to me while walking the boys and spoke of meeting them (the boys) while in Meaux with Graham and Jill.  How lovely that people love my dogs!

Anyway, we popped into town early ish to buy yogurt and bread (and beer) and I decided to buy pet food for the local beggars’ furry friends.  I hate begging as I feel it’s done to feed drug and alcohol addictions rather than out of necessity for food.  The owner of a beautiful boxer dog was very matter of fact when receiving my gift of food but when I gave the begger with the cat some cat food he was delighted and so restored my faith in humans for another day.  I hope he felt the same way.

One thing I love about France is how seriously they take their flowers.  The florists always have amazing displays and are always open during lunchtime.


Teddy didn’t want to leave Lagny either and found this house particularly fascinating.


Or maybe it was another vacant moment!!

I love a decent ham sandwich for lunch and here is my French version …


Bread … local bakers
Ham … local market
Tomato … local market

All adds up to major deliciousness!

Teddy found the journey today a bit boring …


Or maybe he was just enjoying the French smells?

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