In search of pain

Or rather, in search of bread! Just my little joke. This morning we wound our way through some very pretty scenery And through some bigger locks where we were presented with … well,  see for yourself …


This is the remote control for the next few locks … It came in its own suitcase and is very clever, telling us each step before we need to do it.

Anyway, I was on a hunt. The last mooring had no bakery nearby and there was no bread on board so there was an emergency.  We stopped at Damery and went off in search.  We came across a procession of (I think) firemen in their best uniforms together with a band marching through the town. This was to commemorate VE Day.


Found a well stocked bakery where I sent Kevin inside.  He came out with this …


And swifty bit the end off (big kid).  Very tasty with hot dogs inside.

Nearby was a bar so of course we stopped for a couple and Teddy made himself at home, stretching out across the entrance much to the enchantment of the locals who made a big fuss of him.  Herbie was being a brat and barking at everyone so we won’t talk about him.

Back on board I went below and studied while Kev steered and it wasn’t long before we reached our sleep – spot tonight at Dormans.


There is a play park nearby where I can hear children squealing … hopefully they’ll go soon!

So now Kev’s having a nap and I’ve just finished my yoga … I’m being very disciplined and trying to do the same routine of exercise that I do at home.


One thought on “In search of pain

  1. andywindy

    I get the impression that the Firemen ‘do’ the ceremonial band thing in France and Belgium, I remember seeing on the telly that the daily bugle call for the Last Post at the Menin Gate war memorial is played by the local Firemen.
    That bread looks like a moustache to me, I’m surprised Kev wasn’t wearing it as such. Like your new Onesie and mask, Kev said you got a new Yoga outfit!

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