Weather stops play … temporarily

I was pleasantly surprised by the warm weather in Sillery but woke to a nasty shock on day two, the boat was a bit bouncy (to say the least) and the trees were nearly bent double.  It was a bit windy with 42kph being quoted … eek!

Without hesitation we made the decision to stay put for the day.  I certainly didn’t fancy being a Pooh stick.

Plenty of stuff to do anyway – I sorted out a huuuuuge bag of clothing to go back to tmhe UK, freeing up lots of storage space (for potential new purchases) and we went out to get some worming tablets for the boys, stopping off at a huge Decathlon on the way back.  We spent ages in there, so cheap and Kev enjoyed whizzing around the store on one of the demo scooters.  Needless to say I bought ‘a few bits’ all essential of course.

Later the wind dropped and we took the boys for a long w.a.l.k. (I dare not say the word).

On the way back I spied my first ducklings this year.  How cute are they?!


Then I came across a reminder of all the hard work I did last year (and what is yet to come).

This morning we set off bright and early.  The sun was shining and the wind was less, a lovely day was promised.  Off through locks and a rather chilly tunnel we made good time although the heavens opened at one stage.  We are now moored at Conde-sur-marne with two snoring dogs.

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