We’re baaaaaaaack!!

Arriving in Sillery yesterday I was relieved to see that Avalon had survived her lonesome winter and it only took a few back and forths to the motorhome to get all our stuff (my wardrobe) on board.  Sadly my pontoon legs have left me so I’m making good use of Kev and clinging on to him until my legs return.  Not very nice to have that dizzyness back but hopefully it won’t be for long.

Kev had the foresight to set the central heating to ‘on’ in readiness for our arrival … How were we to know there’s a mini heatwave here right now?!! Ah well. 

The boys have happily settled back in, although Teddy seemed to have a stressful night. As he gets older I think he is a touch senile and he was definitely out of sorts for a while. Thankfully today he is back to normal 😊.  Herbie has made sure all the other boater know we have arrived and has made many new friends.

Today it has been food shopping and other chores plus my normal routine of studies (for my new challenge of an English degree) plus keeping up with my new found interest in exercise.  Today was boxing with Kev assisting on the pads … He has his uses!!

Tomorrow we are off towards Conde-sur-Marne and my camera is fully charged and ready.

5 thoughts on “We’re baaaaaaaack!!

  1. Kevin TOO

    Welcome back! (is it right to say that when you are over there?) LOL

    Not sure I’m in favour of you using Kev as your official punch-bag though, poor guy ;(

  2. andywindy

    Welcome back, sorry to hear your pontoon legs have re-appeared and now you are coming up with excuses for punching your husband! Really good to have you both back on line though, my blog reading list is now complete once more, You Kev Sue NP and Jill MR what more could a fella want!

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