End of the summer

An uneventful trip to Sillery was accompanied with stunning sunshine so my knees came out to celebrate!

The moorings are excellent and even better is the fact that our new friend Hugh is staying over the winter … he has kindly agreed to keep an eye on Avalon for us. 

Watched a bit of nighttime canoeing – here’s a funny thing, not one canoe bumped into us and yet in Cambridge the rowers constantly hit our boat in broad daylight!

Herbie decided to make friends by visiting a very understanding woman in her house (well she did leave the door open).  I heard a scream and Herbie was kicked out the back door! The poor woman was shaking but accepted my apologies with good grace.  He’s a monkey for sure!

In the local supermarket I spotted a rather fetching example of French chic …


I’m wondering if green is the new colour this season?!

We took Friday off to go and do some sightseeing and drove around the Champagne vineyards.  Stunning scenery and I spotted some familiar names too.



Yesterday we packed up as much as we could and loaded the motor home … mostly with my clothes and purchases.  I really do need to reduce my wardrobe needs!


Today we finished by clearing the fridge/freezer and gave Avalon a quick spruce up before heading off to Calais.  A pretty uneventful journey although the motor home gave us a panic by sounding bleeps off warning of overheating.  Nothing major and we have now arrived in Dover where we are parked up for the night.

One thought on “End of the summer

  1. juneg4ouh

    Oh boy! Debbie – the Walmartians have invaded France!! Has she got boobs on her back or her head on back to front?? Glad you like Sillery, nice place to moor for Winter and not too far to drive home. Best wishes to you and Kevin from me and Mike – on the other side of La Montagne, heading home for winter too.

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