On the home run

Thankfully the volume of locks has subsided and today there were only 3 (happy dance).

From La Chaussée-sur-Marne we continued along Canal latéral à la Marne and stopped at Châlons-en-Champagne for 2 nights.  A large town with a huge cathedral.


It was an exceedingly hot day.  We had a delicious lunch, a very large glass of beer each then I attempted to shop.  Frustratingly most of the shops were too mainstream for my taste but I did buy a coat so all was not in vain.

Walking about I noticed lots of people wearing white coats … My first thought “finally they’re coming to get me” was soon dismissed.  They were all pharmacists demonstrating about something or other.


I kind of got swept along with it for a while but managed to escape into a perfumerie.

Where we were moored there was a beautiful park which the dogs thoroughly enjoyed … especially when the teenagers from the local school turned to play baseball.

This morning we waited for the heavy mist to break and then took a leisurely cruise along to where we are now, Condé-sur-Marne.  I’ve had a quick walk into the village centre and apart from the bar and the boulangerie there isn’t very much to speak of.

Tomorrow we will reach our destination of Sillery which is where our winter mooring is. Yesterday we drove over there to have a look and it looks perfect.  There are 11 locks, 8 of which are in a flight.  It’s going to be a long day!

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