Ligny-en-Barrois and a curious garage

From Commercy we reached the problem lock … The problem looked quite small considering it had taken 2 weeks to mend. Ah well. We still needed to call the lock keeper to get the gates to open. As we couldn’t get Avalon close enough to the bank to moor I attempted a jump, ended up with one foot on the bank and one still on Avalon with Avalon moving away.  Thank you Kev for the push. Not very elegant but I was on dry land.

I got to know this particular lock keeper as he worked several locks that day for us, all were broken which was frustrating but we got through quite a few.

We rested overnight in Sauvoy and continued the next day, going through 17 locks (I think) and a 5 km tunnel for which I stayed below and made a pizza for lunch.


That day was ended in Treveray at a lovely mooring right in front of our next lock.  True to his word the lock keeper turned up at 9 am to turn the lights to green for us so no hold ups. 

Yesterday we continued along and had a relatively short day by mooring in Ligny-en-Barrois. This is a delightful town where the locals seem extremely friendly.  Indeed a man we got chatting to made a big fuss of Teddy and Herbie, called his wife to come and see and then beckoned us down the road holding a large iron key.  We reached these big wooden doors which he unlocked and invited us in to this large dusty garage.

Keeping the door open (just in case he was a mad man) I looked about in amazement. All sorts of war time memorabilia was laid about, including a WW2 jeep! I gathered from my small understanding of French that the garage belonged to a friend of his and it transpired that to go upstairs to see more we would need to pay.   All very interesting but no thanks!


I also took this photo if his home with its unique (!) adornments.


Naturally we stopped off for a beer before returning to the boat.

Later I cycled to the local supermarket and on the way back spied a lady with approx 7 Yorkshire Terriers which she kindly arranged out of my way.  Ha ha as I passed her the dogs all leapt up at me insisting I stop and say hello.  Oddly when Kevin passed them they ignored him!

Since then we have been through nearly 40 locks and are now resting up for the night between locks in Sermaize-les-Bains.

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