Stuck in Commercy

After getting the canopy fixed it was time to move on … aiming towards our winter mooring in Sillory so on Thursday we headed off.  It was not a good day.  Firstly the first lock keeper refused to answer his radio so I went up to his office and banged on the window.  I seriously think he was asleep. Eventually he opened the gates and off we went … heading towards Void.

After around 8 locks a lock keeper told us part of the canal was closed and had been for 2 weeks. We could not go much further.  We decided to head for Commercy (the only place we were allowed to go) and moved on – leaving the locking hook behind.  We had to moor up so Kev could go back and retrieve it.

Both our moods were darkening at this point, with visions of being holed up somewhere for weeks.

So at the end of a very long day and too many locks to mention (around 18) we stopped off shortly before Commercy and rested.

Next day was better, we reached Commercy and moored at the town moorings. Kev moved the motor home nearby then went about finding out how long the canal was to be closed for.  He was told it would be open Sunday.  Hooray!!

We celebrated with a meal out.


Commercy has some nice features and I took a photo of this art nouveau pharmacy.


Sadly their display was hiding some beautiful wood detailing.

Yesterday there was a massive boules tournament going on just outside the moorings.  Literally hundreds of people all very seriously playing.  That is until Teddy decided he wanted to join in.  Thankfully the disruption was taken in good part … just as well as I had to chase him through several games pitches!


They continued playing late into the evening,  aided by spotlights.

This morning (Sunday) we headed off to continue our journey.  No problems apart from the pelting rain until we reached Void where the canal had been closed.  I leapt (was pushed) onto the bank to get to the lock and push the emergency button.  The gentleman on the other end didn’t understand a word I was saying but somehow I got him to come out and get things working.  Strangely when face to face his English was quite good!

We are now moored a few locks down in Sauvoy for the night with no TV reception!

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