Fancy Nancy

Yesterday (and after a night in the wilderness after too many locks) we finally arrived in Nancy.  We have moored up at the town moorings which Herbie loves as he can use the space as a race track.

At first I thought “this doesn’t look too impressive” but reserved judgement and I’m glad I did.  At 10 pm each evening there is a light show in the square so off we went to check it out.  What a surprise! Firstly the square is magnificent and secondly the show was amazing.


All projected onto the town hall.

So this morning off we went to explore the city after having the most delicious and decadent burger ever, and I found the shops and had a lovely time ooing and ahhing at the upmarket stores (with upmarket price tags) and treating myself to a few things (I needed them!).  Afterwards we took the road train which took us around Nancy showing us some of the sights.




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