Splash, fairies and a wasted day

You’ve got to laugh sometimes when things go wrong and today was one of those days.  There were good parts and a not – so – good realisation.

Today has been the first day for ages with lots of sunshine so my bruised legs came out to catch some rays as we cruised along.  I got some company in the form of this little chap … I always think dragonflies are related to fairies somehow … This one was quite magical and I was lucky enough to keep his company for several minutes.


One of the many locks we went through today was strangely attractive … sadly I didn’t have my camera to hand but the sides were adorned with lots of green foliage sort of like a mini hanging garden of Babylon.

As it’s been such a lovely day we were  quite happily cruising along enjoying ourselves when it suddenly occurred to us both that we’d been going quite a while and yet Nancy (our destination) hadn’t appeared.  We pulled over to check the map and yes we were on the wrong canal … on our way to Dijon!

Herbie took the opportunity to leap onto the bank for a runaround.  He did this for a while but suddenly he missed his footing and in he went.  He’s never fallen in before but to his credit he calmly swam to the side for me to haul him out.  He then went crazy bounding up and down the towpath and shaking himself over the passers by.

So now we are back where we started this morning, hopefully tomorrow we will get to Nancy!


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