Rain is evil!

We are still holed up in Toul and getting lots sorted out.  Kev has changed something or other on his bike which gas ‘transformed’ it’s performance, we managed to get a local lady to mend an area on the pram hood which was threatening to split, I managed to dodge the rain drops to get in some retail therapy (a few lovely shops here) and today we took a trip up to Metz to Ikea  to buy a folding table that we had seen on another boat … perfect for Avalon!  Of course I came away with a few other bits and bobs including this useful little chap.


Metz was sunny and bright but on returning to Toul the rain was coming down in rods (as seems to be the norm). 
I have always been proud of my track record of safely embarking and disembarking from the boat but today I let myself down.  My foot slipped and down I went … thankfully not into the drink but I am now sporting Michael Jackson – type plasters on my fingers, a few spectacular bruises, one huge bump and a grazed arm.  I’m quite proud of the bump which is growing by the minute.


This is not my knee – it’s my shin!

I guess my luck couldn’t last for ever!!

4 thoughts on “Rain is evil!

  1. andywindy

    Ooh OUCH I bet that’s sore to touch for ages, (Your leg, not the Nickerpuss that is) I guess you won’t be doing the dance of the seven dusters anytime soon then?

  2. So far I have got away with not a lot of bruises and only being in the wet stuff twice in all the time I have been cruising.. Lady luck is with me.

    Hope that soon all goes down Debs it looks a tad painful. Hang on next time gal!

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