To Verdun … and a reunion

The locks appear to have been overtaken with a host of young male students acting as lock keepers,  I assume this is what happens when the usual keepers are on holiday.  They all appear keen to get the whole operation done quickly which is fine … but can be a bit rough on the rope handlers. I’m sure my biceps have developed today!  (For the uninitiated … A fast flow of water moves the boat about and you need to keep a firm grip on the rope to hold it steady to stop it slamming into the side of the lock.)

Well anyway we survived the rough(er) handling and reached Verdun where we moored up next to Graham and Jill and NB Matilda Rose.  How lovely to see them again!

Later Jill and Graham invited us for dinner which was delicious and spicy and we all convinced Graham to knock up a quick dessert … again, delicious.  It was a lovely evening despite Kev’s persistent yawning.

Today while walking the dogs along the riverfront I spied a beauticians and quickly made an appointment for my poor nails.  We all went into town, mainly to sort out bank accounts and Internet cards but of course I took advantage and Jill and I went off looking for bargains (well maybe not bargains but things we might want).

The rain was coming down in rods so probably not the best day but we achieved a lot …

a)  Lunch.
b)  Appointment at the bank.
c)  New boots pour moi.
d)  2 new sweaters pour moi.

Some failures though …

a)  SFR had no telephones or Internet working (!).
b)  The sweater I wanted to buy Kev and Jill wanted to buy Graham was out of stock.
c)  Jill couldn’t find a new dress.

I stopped in at the beauticians and left the others to go back. I spent a lovely hour inhaling the scent of … whatever it is they scent these places with, drinking coffee (I am SO wide awake it is untrue) and trying not to misunderstand the manicurist (Fred) and emerged with my nails restored to normality.


I feel human again!

Going back to Stenay, I saw a wonderful sight.  A beautiful horse whose saddlery had leather bags and suchlike attached … plus a map.  The rider was obviously touring on horseback which I’ve never seen before.


Now I’d like to do that myself!

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