And so to Mouzon … then Stenay

After a lazy morning (for me anyway) and the heavens opening for a while we set off once more.

A pretty uneventful day by all accounts and so we cruised for around 2 and a half hours into Mouzon’s Port de Pleasance it was pretty busy but there was a space for Avalon.  Everyone seemed to want to help us moor and each had their opinion how best to achieve it.  When we finally got our ropes back … and ignoring the various instructions aimed at us … We tidily tucked in between two tiddlers.  I think they were nervous we were going to crush their little boats rather than being helpful out of kindness!

Of course this all happened while it was raining and by the time we’d finished the sun was blinking and waking up so I had a quick wander about with the boys to see the town.  Not a lot to see but boy is the church big!  I popped into the tourist information office and took some leaflets. .. apparently it’s not a church but rather an abbey.

After a night of thunder and lightning (which Teddy did NOT enjoy) this morning Kev wandered down to the local patisserie with Herbie and bought some ‘pain de jour’ and cakes to go with morning coffee.  I mention this as it is a rarity and therefore deserves recording!

The boys did manage to sample a tiny piece of my cake …



Afterwards a took Teddy for a gentle stroll around town to take some photos.


The town hall.


The abbey.

Next stop – Stenay.

The sky has been threatening all through our 4 hour journey today with heavy dark clouds.


But amazingly no rain appeared.

The first lock was broken and being a Saturday we had no idea how long the lock keeper would take.  A queue of boats was growing with one looking like he was trying to jump in front of us but I gave him my Paddington Bear stare and he soon backed up! After about half an hour all was working and the queue soon disappeared – hurrah!


I spotted some ‘ladies who lunch’ going along.  It made me smile.

The plan is to have a look around the town tomorrow.  I have read there is a beer museum which needs to be visited.

Meanwhile I have a new stowaway (don’t worry, the spider is fine and still growing) but I haven’t a clue what it is … any ideas?


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